MyCompetence - necessity, results and challenges

Summary of the results from the “Development and Implementation of a Workforce Competence Assessment System by Sectors and Regions” project (My Competence). The online platform is a unique for Bulgaria competence system in the development of the human resource’s area. It is an innovative tool for implementing an effective lasting connection between the needs of the labor’s market and the system of education and professional qualiffiaction.
Analysis of the Workforce Competence in Sector “Wholesale” - 2012

Purpose of this document is research and analysis of trends in human resources’ management in the sector "Wholesale" and taking into account expected changes in technological and organizational terms for the period 2014 - 2020. The main focus throughout the analysis is on human resources, competencies, professions and jobs. Most attention is paid to the framing of scenarios and forecasts for the development of human resources and research expectations to change knowledge and skills in the sector. The document analyzed the age and educational - qualification structure of employees. There were examined issues concerning the education and training of employees. Defined are scarce jobs, professions and specialties in the sector. Conclusions are made for the available and expected to appear new professions, specialties and jobs.
Analysis of the workforce competence in the economic sector of soft drinks and bottled water manufacturing – 2012

The document analyzes the main trends in the quantitative and qualitative indicators in the development of the sector "Soft drinks and bottled water" in Bulgaria in recent years and the impact of the economic crisis on employment. Studied are the main factors that influence the development of human resources. Attention is paid for demographic features in the sector. Analyzed is the educational level and skills of workers in the sector. Made are a prognosis for the sector, possible expectations in its technological and structural development set expectations for the need for the emergence of new professions, specialties and jobs. The concerned question is the need for new skills and competencies in the sector. Described are examples of good practices, policies and management systems of pay and incentives. Pointed out are weaknesses in the system of vocational training of students, and the relationship between business and the education system.
Analysis of the workforce competence in the economic sector of electrical equipment manufacturing - 2012

This document is a considered state of the economic parameters, administrative environment, labor, and the factors which affect sector "Production of electrical equipment." An attempt for a thorough examination of trends in the management of human resources in the sector is made, taking into account expected changes in technological and organizational terms for the period 2014-2020. A lead focus of the study is probabilistic forecast of new knowledge, skills, competencies and occupations in the sector, together with an outline of scarce jobs, professions, specialties and skills competences.

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