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The Digital Library is a repository of digital information for the project and area of competence models and competence assessment, arranged and described through metadata, available for the users via Internet and providing different additional services such as:
  • Easy access to the information data at any time and any place;
  • Data protection and storage preventing loss of useful content;
  • Contextual search through key words in the metadata in the publications;
  • Opportunity for sharing and an easy updating of the huge amount of varied information.

The Digital Library will store various and hypertext organized information (such as text, graphics, sound, video etc.), thematically organized and classified for quicker access of many and different users.

Expert Communities
This application shall present a web-based platform for exchanging opinions and messages among users, offering a stylish and functional European layout, adapted specifically to meet the consumers’ requirements for a quick access to the needed information, sharing this information, and providing expert opinions and recommendations to a each and every particular case.

Expert communities shall be set up by branches, regions or other similar classifications and each community will offer specific topics and subtopics for discussion.

Confederation of the Independent Trade Unions in Bulgaria BULGARIAN INDUSTRIAL ASSOCIATION Confederation of Labour „Podkrepa”