About the project

Project Title: "Development of Workforce Competence Assessment System by Sectors and Regions"

Abbreviation: Competence Assessment System MyCompetence.bg

Total Project Budget: BGN  8 902 959

Beneficiary: The project has been implemented by the Bulgarian Industrial Association - Union of the Bulgarian Business in the period 2009-2014, in accordance with Agreement № BG 051PO 001-2.1.06/23.10.2009 under measure BG 051PO 001-2.1.06  "Enhancing Labour Market Flexibility and Effectiveness through Active Actions by the Social Partners within 2007-2013 Human Resource Development Operational Programme, partly financed by the European Social Fund.

Duration: 2009-2014


Overall Project Objective: The overall project objective it to enhance labour market adaptability and effectiveness, as well as to strike a greater balance of labour market demand and supply by developing a system for workforce competence assessment by sectors and regions.

Specific Project Objectives:

  • Analysing and defining workforce competence requirements by considering EU, national and sector requirements and standards;
  • Establishing a Bulgarian Competence Assessment Network by Sectors and Regions and a Workforce Cmpetence  Assessment System MyCompetence.bg and updating them in accordance with the current and future labour market demand;
  • Improving the coordination and information exchange of workforce competence assessment among national, branch and regional structures of the employers and trade unions and the responsible government institutions;
  • Gaining national recognition and fostering prerequisites for the integration of the workforce competence assessment system in the future e-government so as to enhance adaptability and effectiveness, and to achieve a balance of the labour market demand and supply.

Main Project Activities:

  • Project management and activities planning, monitoring, supervising and reporting the implementation;
  • Setting up an analytical unit for expertise and analyses on workforce competence assessment;
  • Conducting at least 16 basic analyses and research papers, as well as at least 60 expert studies (for example reports, positions, etc.);
  • Developing a general concept of the competence assessment system, indicators, a workforce competence assessment network by sectors and regions, and an initial pilot test of the sector models for workforce competence assessment;
  • Preparing and establishing a Bulgarian competence assessment network, built up of 30 sector and regional units;
  • Designing, developing, testing, and implementing MyCompetence.bg with indicators for assessment at a sector and regional level;
  • Conducting training courses in order to ensure the proper development and operation of MyCompetence.bg, including 625 training courses at the workplace, consulting at least 125 people and organizations and training at least 2500 people in key competences;
  • Applying, developing, and gaining national recognition of the workforce competence assessment system, as well as fostering conditions for its integration in the future e-government;
  • Setting up at least 20 workshops, conferences, round tables, discussions, seminars etc.;
  • Preparing at least 4 pack proposals for regulation amendments;
  • Providing information and publicity activities.

Target Groups:

  • 1500 employers and HR managers;
  • 2500 workers and employees;
  • Employees of labour market policy and regulatory institutions;

Indirectly, the project encompasses all potential users interested in MyCompetence.bg

Expected Impact on the Target Groups:

  • Identifying the degree of compliance with workforce competence requirements and fostering favourable conditions for enhancing productivity and adaptability;
  • Improving initial recruitment and continuously assessing workforce competence at company level;
  • Increasing possibilities and workforce degree of participation in lifelong learning;
  • Fostering favourable conditions for improving personal and company career perspectives and enhancing workforce employability and participation in the learning economy;
  • Enhancing company activities for continuing vocational training based on an adequate staff competence assessment and the demand for VET;
  • Improving employees' abilities to face the forthcoming challenges related to restructuring of the national economy and labour market;
  • Encouraging investment in human capital both by employers and employees;
  • Providing analytical information and forecasts about the demand for qualified workforce at sector and regional level for the purposes of secondary and tertiary education, vocational training, identification and management of labour market challenges and trends by the responsible state institutions.

The achievement of project objectives and expected results, including development, implementation, wide usage, and national recognition of the workforce competence assessment system will open new possibilities for:

  • Improving competence assessment at company level with the support from specialised sector and regional skills units during the project implementation;
  • Establishing new sector and regional skills units and developing competence assessment models by sectors;
  • Attracting major sector and regional employers' organizations and trade unions to develop and use the separate system modules;
  • Adding new modules and applications for the HRM objectives and processes at company, sector, regional, and national level.
  • Applying MyCompetence.bg in the government labour market policy and regulatory institutions;
  • Providing functional compatibility with other systems of labour market institutions which are being developed;
  • Developing prerequisites for integrating MyCompetence.bg in the e-government.

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