Bulgarian Competence Assessment Network
Manual for the skills units work in the Bulgarian competence assessment network by sectors and regions (BUCAN)

The purpose of the manual is to assist in setting up activities, work planning and the potential of the structural units of the National Reference network of sectoral reference points and regional centers for evaluation. The implementation of the NRN and the work of its constituent sectoral and regional units is unmatched in practice in the country. For this reason, the preparation of methodological materials to be included in the manual is oriented largely to the transfer of similar solutions from other countries and other areas of social practice in the country.

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Defining criteria for appointing leading assessors of competence certification, validation and selection

It builds on the findings of the systematization of available information and materials from the past practice of branch and regional employers' organizations in determining the selection criteria for assessors in different areas of their business, to be used by analogy. Described are working views on the selection criteria for evaluators leading regional assessment centers, which will play a decisive role in the organization of validation and certification of competencies.

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Concept for developing a Bulgarian competence assessment network by sectors and regions (BUCAN)

The document describes the structure, functions, methods and approaches to build in Bulgaria national reference network for peer evaluation of the competence of the workforce with the participation of government, employers and trade unions of the tripartite principle. The main objective of the establishment of the National Reference Network is to create a sustainable organizational infrastructure of pilot sectoral reference points and regional assessment centers and linking them in a network, logistic prerequisite for the establishment and operation of ISAC in branch and regional aspect.

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