Human Resource Management
Workforce competence assessment - state, problems, analytical systems and tools - 2014

The document summarizes the main conclusions and recommendations from the held in the area of the project analysis of the labor’s market, the qualifficational and educational structure, the foreign experience, the held surveys, and also presents the key elements of the tools for evaluation of the competences and staff’s selection.

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Information systems, tools and partnership networks for workforce competence assessment - 2014

This document examines and describes the existing European and international best practices in the presentation of information systems, tools and partner networks to assess the competence of the workforce. Established is the relevance of different approaches in Bulgarian conditions. Discussed are European policies for employment and workforce development for the period 2013-2014, and the priorities of Bulgaria related to the common European policies. Presented are the European instruments to ensure the quality of vocational education and training, applicable standards and the role of employers' organizations in the process. Analyzed is the structure and organization of the duality training in European Union countries, the use of game elements (gamification) in the development and assessment of skills and competencies and mobile applications development potential, recruitment and acquisition and transfer of knowledge.

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Systems and tools for competence assessment at corporate, regional and sectoral level - 2014

This analysis of the systems and tools to assess the competence of the workforce at the corporate, regional and branch level considered good practice for the organization of training based on competencies; an overview of innovative approaches to the organization and the application of e-learning and assessment in the workplace; as well as modern approaches to organization of internships and practices; validation of acquired knowledge and skills in the enterprise.

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Research and testing of innovative methods for competence assessment – 2011

The main objective of the study is to identify innovative methods for competence assessment. The model provides important information for the management of human resources and in particular for the purposes of the personal development plans, training planning and career planning. As an innovative simulation model is identified and "serious game", the study focuses on opportunities in its various modifications to develop and enhance key competence for companies "teamwork." Definited is the place of evaluation as part of the learning process.

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Current state and issues in assessing workforce competences – 2011

The purpose of this document is to analyze the national, regional and sectoral levels of the current legal and institutional position on issues related to vocational education and training and higher education, as well as the evaluation of the competence of the workforce, taking into account the existing European, national and industry requirements and standards to help achieve the main objective of the project, namely: increasing adaptability, efficiency and balancing supply and demand in the labor market. The methodology used includes the review, selection and examination of relevant information sources for the survey; used are appropriate methods and techniques for data collection methods and tools for data processing, methods and approaches for the analysis of the survey results.

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Systems and tools for competence assessment at corporate, regional and sectoral level - 2011

The purpose of this document is a survey of existing systems and tools for assessing the competence of the workforce at the corporate, regional and branch level in Bulgaria. The methodology used includes examination of available sources of information for the survey, studying existing information (DeskResearch), meetings. Comparison on analyzed decisions on various indicators and assessing the feasibility and opportunities for integration with ISAC.

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