Human Resource Management
Workforce competence assessment

This document summarizes the key terms, data, policies based on workforce competence, including factor’s influences. The used methodology includes national and international informational and statistical sources - NSI, Eurostat, OECD, UNIDO etc., as well as questionnaires and surveys among specific and specialized professional groups regarding the systems for assessing the competence of the workforce. In the analysis are used multiple indicators and criteria, methods and techniques for data collection, methods and tools for data processing, methods and approaches for analyzing the results of the studies and the analyzes.

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Competence Assessment Rules

This document presents a methodology for assessing the competence of individual positions in the company and sector / regional level. Also presented is the methodology for application of the assessment of competence in the analysis of training needs and development company level. Analyzed are the practices in competence assessment in Bulgaria and the activities of the centers for evaluation and development. Prepared a classification of instruments for assessing competencies.

Methodology for Defining Key Job Positions

The main aim of the methodology is to assist in identifying the key positions at the company, sectoral and regional level. This document not only consider the types of assessment methods and most used evaluation systems in the world, analyzeS their advantages and disadvantages, but creating and offering innovative methodology for assessing positions. It includes all necessary steps for the implementation of a similar project in an enterprise.

Methodology for Competence Model Development

Methods for defining competencies and creating a competency model at a level company, sector and region. This document presents a methodology for creating a competency model, its introduction into organizational practice and its application to effectively manage human resources in the organization.

Information systems, tools and partnership networks for workforce competence assessment

The purpose of this document is a survey of European and global best practices, information systems, existing tools, classifiers and partner networks to assess the competence of the workforce. Established is the relevance of different approaches in Bulgarian conditions. Presented are different competency models implemented at enterprise level and the institution, their relationship with the development strategy of the company and the benefits for employers and staff.

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Systems and tools for Competence Assessment at Corporate, Regional and Sector Level in Bulgaria

The analysis aims to contribute to the creation of an initial look and functionality of construction by Bulgarian Industrial Association (BIA) information system for competence assessment (ISAC) under a project financed by the Operational Programme "Development of Human Resources".

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