Macroeconomic Analyses
Analysis of the current state and prospects for the Bulgarian economy – 2011

The purpose of this document is to provide basic general trends in the development of Bulgaria's economy by examining the macroeconomic indicators for 2005-2010. Used are indicators of gross domestic product, foreign trade, investment activity, indicators for restructuring the economics. The analysis includes estimates for key factors and driving forces that impact on industrial changes, expected emerging professions and jobs. By applying foresight techniques scenarios for the development on a macro- and sectoral level are prepared. Refined and implemented is a methodology to rank economic sectors and industries according to the degree of viability in terms of anticipation of future economic development jobs, qualification and skills. For the preparation of the methodology are used statistical databases, national and international, including NSI, NSSI, Eurostat, UNIDO, UNCTAD, UN and others. To conduct the study are used criteria and indicators, as the set of data is based on a study of existing information.

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Analysis of the current state and development of the Bulgarian enterprises by sector and region - 2011

The ultimate goal of this analysis is the development of a database with at least 400 leading Bulgarian companies, with the aim of identifying suitable pilot enterprises of great significance in the selected sectors. Including a company in this list is a positive objective assessment of the scale of the business, the offered product or service, quality of management, the company's capability for growth and successful participation in the increasingly globalized national and global economy.

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Analysis of the Current Situation and Development of the Bulgarian Enterprises by Sector and Region (2010)

The analysis examines the status of the sectors and areas in the economy of Bulgaria on the basis of aggregates and enterprises involved in them, and the companies themselves to each other. The purpose of this document is to provide an alternative selection of leading sectors and regions that could be taken into account for the purposes of the BIA’s project on OPHRD, and to provide the leading companies in selected sectors and informational base with their contact data.

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Analysis of the Possibilities and Tendencies for Technological Development of the Bulgarian Enterprises (2010)

The analysis assesses the impact which the technologies and innovations exert on the development of the main economic activities, as well as on the vocational and qualification structure of the employed people in the Bulgarian economy. This analysis shall facilitate the development and of a Workforce Competence Assessment System by Sectors and Regions – which is the main objective of the project executed by BIA.

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Analysis of the Current Situation and Prospects for the Bulgarian Economy in the period 2005-2009

The analysis gives an overview of the macroeconomic situation of the country for 2005-2009. Specifically for the purpose of the study is prepared and applied a methodology for rating economic sectors and industries according to their viability and development in order to predict the effects for future economic development of Bulgaria jobs, necessary qualification and skills. By applying the methodology were selected over 20 main sectors and 10 regions to deepen the analysis and formate a reference network for building Informational system for assessing the competence of the workforce.

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