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People aged 50 to 55 make big group of those out of job on Bulgaria labour market: minister
Source: FOCUS News Agency

Asenovgrad. Bulgarian Deputy Prime Minister for Demographic and Social Policies and Minister of Labour and Social Policy Ivaylo Kalfin participated in a social reception room event in the town of Asenovgrad, district of Plovdiv, on Tuesday, Radio FOCUS – Plovdiv reported.


The event was held at the initiative of Emil Karaivanov, who will run to become mayor of Asenovgrad for a second time.
According to Minister Kalfin, a big group of people out of a job on Bulgaria’s labour market are those in the so-called pre-retirement age – people aged 50 to 55.
The number of people officially registered in this group stands at 303,000.
It is hard for them to travel from one place to another and gain new qualifications.
The government is considering ideas to tackle the problems of this group of unemployed.
Minister Kalfin commented there was also European financing in Bulgaria but ideas lacked.
Another group comprised of people out of a job are people with disabilities.


“When the employment programmes for them expire, they again become unemployed. Employers that hire people with disabilities after the end of these programmes are stimulated but this is not the case in Bulgaria yet. That needs to change,” Kalfin urged.
He pointed out some 78,000 people had so far been signed the so-called one-day employment contracts over seasonal activity and this practice should continue.

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