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National Competence Assessment Council

National Competence Assessment Council is a permanent body for cooperation, consultations and popularization of workforce competence assessment by sectors and regions. The council shall:
  • Certifies competence models to function as recommendable vocational standards;
  • Develops and proposes labour market policies and strategies;
  • Issues proposals for regulation amendments;
  • Adopts recommendable social security thresholds by sectors and job positions;
  • Outlines proposals for updating the National Classification of Occupations;
The council governs the Bulgarian Competence Assessment Network which has been developed during the project. The Bulgarian Competence Assessment Network is to encompass 20 Sector Skills Units and 10 Regional Competence Assessment Centers. It is to function as an organizational “infrastructure” - part and parcel of the development of Competence Assessment System - MyCompetence. The Bulgarian Competence Assessment Network shall run logistically the development, establishment and implementation of competence models at sector and corporate levels. The general methodical and content coordination of activities within the Bulgarian Competence Assessment Network is carried out by the National Competence Assessment Center.

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