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National Competence Assessment Center

National Competence Assessment Center assists the National Competence Assessment Council in a methodical and an organizational aspect and serves as a primary body to develop the Bulgarian Competence Assessment Network. It further develops and implements a competence-based approach in human resources management.

National Competence Assessment Center accomplishes the project activities and its own objectives by means of:
  • Assisting the National Competence Assessment Council methodically and organizationally;
  • Developing and supervising the implementation of all strategic documents related to the proper and stable functioning of the Bulgarian Competence Assessment Network;
  • Consulting and assisting the proper functioning of the Sector Skills Units and the Regional Competence Assessment Centers in a methodical and organizational way;
  • Implementing and enhancing the assessors’ certifying system;
  • Coordinating the competence models development;
  • Preparing handbooks for the operation of the Bulgarian Competence Assessment Network and the assessors;
  • Assisting the expert teams and the assessors methodically and coordinating the conduction of training schemes, consultations and discussions envisaged by the project;
  • Collecting, revising, summarizing and publishing information regarding regulation requirements, standards, best practices, foreign experience and tools for workforce competence assessment;
  • Maintaining and updating the information portal on the internet;
  • Supervising the proper operation of the Competence Assessment System - MyCompetence.

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